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i was eatching tv and I was thinking “wtf is up with the anatomy in faitly odd parents”

the anatomy is so terrible I drew a skeleton to show it

I layered it over a normal human skeleton to show the problems

it’s subtle but there are so me major flaws in the anatomy and it makes me sick to thiunk that these so-called “professional” artisst make so much money a year when they clearly never studeied anatomy


A fucking


(( you need a Photoshop? I have a photshop CS5 magicrabbit, portable edition. Is thus that I make my drws fused with gmod. This complete photoshop don't need a installation, just put on you computer and work. Ask to my blog your e-mail, so i send to you this. :D ))

Heck, no need to worry, i have a CD somewhere here…Or i could ask my dad if i could borrow his CD

Sometimes i forget that my family don’t use the internet
Willy = penis


Would you ever smack a man's willy?

To be honest, i don’t even know what you mean with ‘willy’

…But sounds fun

TMI tuesday

Because i always forget to log on mod tumblr

So ask stuff about the mod here

Anything you want, i don’t bite

I found this sitting on my Screenshots folder

I found this sitting on my Screenshots folder

TMI tuesday, oh my

Let’s try this




I’ve been very creative this morning.